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Repost from @jaeblazem via @igrepost_app, Male Dancers: why not ask the hardest working man in the biz how he does it?? Mr.Tyrell Washington.. Chris Brown, Beyonce, Usher, Step Up 3D, Stomp The Yard, Grammys!! Ever wonder how he did it? What genre did he train in? How did he get an agent? How he maintains to be one of most sought after male dancers!? Ask below for a chance to ask him up close and personal!!

Check it out!!! Teaching OCTOBER 16th, 2014! Tour Choreo, so it’s not just any class or workshop. Also, a panel of great choreographers to help invest knowledge for your aspiring career in the dance. Thank you @jaeblazem for letting me be a part of this. NOW WHOSE COMING!!! #follow #STEP⬆️N-DUSTRY

Just got home from the BAY!!! Went out there after 22yrs to be there for family after we lost a loved one. This is the original apt I lived in grew up in… I loved upstairs and then downstairs. This neighborhood was ghetto garbage but felt like home. 22yrs later, it still looks like a piece shit.

It’s been 22 years since I’ve been back to San Jose. Too long over due… Tho it was not the way I wanted to come and visit, but I was glad to make it there for, not your funeral, but your GOING HOME CELBRATION. Sinners who don’t know The Lord have funerals, angels who love The Lord go home to the palace in the heavens. Love you love you love you. My Great Aunt Maxine

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