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Repost from @keeshaolander via @igrepost_app, My crew good we don’t even need a mascot. Any dancers that don’t know everybody in this pic give yourself a dance history legend and look them up! #dancelegends #theOGs #weareentertainers came up with them, learn from them, and can’t wait to rock the stage with them all tonight at Carnival. Thanks to @mrtrellzmix @itztrinabitch for creating such dope choreography to be apart of!

Super excited about tonight… I get to share the stage again with my love, my best friend, my daughters mother and soul mate. We put all our ideas and vision together to create something fun and new for our journey into Choreography and Artisitc Directing. #weareentertainers #choreographerscarnival Come Support us at CHOREOGRAPHERS CARNIVAL TONIGHT AT AVALON IN HOLLYWOOD. Love you babe @itztrinabitch

Today is the Day… Come to Choreographers Carnival tonight Aug 26th and support Me & @itztrinabitch Love to see everyone and have them root for our squad of amazing entertainers. @punchcity1 @gooftown @sadelasoul @iamshyrelle @_saraespinosa_ @jessenia_jlv @callherhelen @keeshaolander @itsleolam @duecefrequency @ljducos @jaron_the_fame @avaflav1 @jdmcelroy @paulkirkland01 @mssjb @fefe_burgos #weareentertainers #choreographerscarnival #comesupport #follow #blocishott

Can’t wait to see my babygirl today… She’s finally coming home. She took her first trip out of town on a plane to watch Mommy perform with @rihanna. Ok now, give me my munchkin back RiRi… Lol

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