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My Motto: Breaking through barriers is where you find your strength. It’s how you achieve your goal and succeed. You can’t wait for success, you have to go get it! Artistic Direction: Me! @punchcity1 Bro, I’ve always been a fan of your work and know you about to do something BIG with your line. Can’t wait!!! #icreate #director #whoGONEstopUSnow #follow #TDOUBLEU

My Motto: Time for change when things get too redundant. Everything should be about growth, an adventure, evolving and strengthening. That’s what inspires others. Artistic Direction: Me! @stljabari You are accomplishing new things as always… Proud of you mayne! Now inspire others like you’ve been inspired. #icreate #director #whoGONEstopUSnow #follow #TDOUBLEU

My Motto: The ones who make their mark are the ones who do not follow, but LEAD. Rebellion is not always a bad thing, it opens the eyes of CHANGE and NEW HOPE and cure to the IMPOSSIBLE. Artistic Direction: Me! @_saraespinosa_ you are a fellow Capricorn… We strive for excellence and work hard through independence. We make marks in life that will soon be noticed! #icreate #director #whoGONEstopUSnow #follow

My Motto: Treat others how you want to be treated. They treat you like S**t, then you treat them like S**T. My Momma always said, someone hits you, then you hit them back. Show people you deserve respect or there will be repercussions and consequences! Artisitc Direction: Me! @paulkirkland01 You my bro from another mofo… You are the real-est, don’t ever change and I gotcha back like a jansport backpack #icreate #director #whoGONEstopUSnow #follow

My Motto: There are much more people who want to see you fail than succeed… It’s ok, because when you prove them wrong and succeed beyond belief, is when you change the haters into believers and lovers. Haters follow because you have value. If you didn’t, why would you have haters. Artistic Direction: Me! Miss @ljducos my bay arean homie you are doper than dope itself… Keep it going… Yaaaaaaaay Area! #icreate #director #whoGONEstopUSnow #follow

My Motto: Don’t complain about whats to come, better yet embrace the unknown. Become the future and let go of the past. Artistic direction: Me! @fefe_burgos Bro you def are the future… You possess an art that the world is not exactly ready for but soon will be. Get ready for great exposure! #icreate #director #whoGONEstopUSnow #follow

My Motto: Life’s game is played to win. Stop giving up, start playing to become a master that unlocks secret levels of life, growing in the score of opportunity and taking more REMOTE CONTROL of what you expect from life. The game was made to win, not lose!!! Artistic Direction: Me! @jaron_the_fame you are super duper fly my brotha… You got skills. #icreate #director #whoGONEstopUSnow #follow

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